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We breathe culture, but unlike the fresh air in the Glacis Park, the creative work of artists cannot be free. Are you a culture lover like us and would like to support our Open Air with a donation? We think that's great! Do it! But there are many other ways to make a contribution...just scroll down!


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πŸ’œ Volunteer!πŸ’œ

GUARDS and AWARENESS - accompanying order forces

The focus is on keeping order and ensuring that the event runs smoothly. You support the security and are the contact person for the guests on site. With our briefing, waistcoat and radio, you are ready for #ZuchtUndOrdnung on the premises! Guard 's who are on duty between 8pm and midnight are especially in demand.

In addition, you can also support the awareness team to ensure that everyone feels comfortable at the open air.
You can register and sign up here.

Setup and decorations

You will receive work gloves, many self-designed decoration elements and an empty park. Join our team in actively shaping the GLACIS OPEN AIR. You can register here.


More than just pushing bottles from A to B. In the process, you don't just get to know nice fizzy drinks on the other side of the counter. That sounds good to you and you would like to support us. Then sign up here.


With an electric trailer or cargo bike, you'll be out and about in the meadows, collecting empties and making sure the bins are empty. There's a lot of fame waiting for you with all these cleanliness to-dos: The one who adds toilet paper is the king anyway πŸ‘‘! Click here to register.


We pack everything up again on the days after the GLACIS OPEN AIR. You know it: many hands, quick end. With your superpowers we will finish faster, that's for sure. If you would like to support us in this area, please contact us here.

As a volunteer, you will of course be fed, insured and showered with our gratitude. With your commitment, you directly support the culture of your city.
Catherina RocΓ­o - 2022



There are many ways of support.

You can help the GLACIS OPEN AIR get more publicity by telling your friends, family and acquaintances about it. #glacisopenair and #dontcallitfestival are the hashtags of your choice! Share the event on Facebook beforehand or tag yourself in the photos taken by our photographers on the meadows afterwards. Meanwhile, mention us in your Insta-Stories.

We look forward to your content!

Musician: Olivier St. Louis / Photographer:
Catherina Rocio - 2017