Glacis Open Air 2021

We dare. We award the highest German rating:
"You can't complain!"

What you have delivered! And what proof you have given us that every second of the year-long planning, the thousands and thousands of volunteer hours of over 150 people, were ultimately probably used lifetime.

Seriously: We are beside ourselves and deeply moved and ask ourselves the question: Why do we still have goose bumps from the GLACIS OPEN AIR 2021?

Attempt at an answer

Goosebumps come easily from cold and wet and something rough was at least Saturday night. But cold goose bumps do not last longer than the cold itself. So there must be another reason. At the risk of ending up in the esoteric drawer, we assume that - apart from the 5000 guests - the presence of two spirits might have played an important role. On the one hand, the dance spirit raged not too scarcely in front of the seven stages.

He has only recently been allowed to haunt again and was visibly tired of the dry runs in the lockdown living rooms. Just as omnipresent was obviously the fighting spirit, because it's just fun to defy together: defy the many months of viral tristesse and monotonous blandness, defy the nasty weather forecast, to which we almost had to owe a cancellation of the open air. But fortunately we preferred to defy. When then shortly before the end at the "Hang zum Klang" MAVI PHOENIX really heated up us wild mob, the late rain only ignited our "Now more than ever!" flame, because we are not made of sugar, we are made of music! AA HU! Yep, still goosebumps.

Now let's take a quick look at the Open Air on two levels: The big whole, that's you, us, the helping hands, the musicians:inside, artists:inside, all the people who couldn't wait for what was then over so quickly: the first GLACIS OPEN AIR. Only through and for all of us it takes place.

But what makes the GLACIS OPEN AIR the GLACIS OPEN AIR?

Level two: Our good old Magdeburger Volksstimme blows "bubbles" directly into the headline of the post-event report and perhaps hits the nail on the head with this assessment. Because it is precisely details like these - soap bubbles, slacklines, sidewalk chalk and colourful pennants - that create the character of an event, its look and its identity. The people then breathe life into it all.

Therefore, thanks are now urgently needed

Thank you

to all the creative geniuses who have turned a vision into reality!

Thank you

to all members of the collective! You give each other reason to love and honour this city, so that no more departures will separate us.

Thank you

to all the helpers! Your commitment is our foundation to pull off such a huge event.

Thank you

to all our guests! This is especially true for all those who have given financial support to the artists through the hat fund (digital as well as analogue).

Thank you

the sponsors and supporters. Without your generous support, a free one-day Showcase Open Air would be impossible. It's nice that you know that investing in social and cultural coexistence is never a losing proposition. We look forward to sending you our funding application again next year with our best recommendations.